Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The “Other Dimension” of the Djembe

The djembe has the power to transport people to other dimensions, or at least that’s what it seems to me. I have played many times with my teacher and his soloing and the sound of the combined rhythmic structure took me to another place. This is, in a sense, the reason I am so interested in the djembe. It’s these experiences that keep me coming back for more and more.

The sound of the djembe itself is so powerful and mystic. I really don’t know how to explain fully. The sound of a master’s hand on the drum can uplift one’s spirits and transport one to a magical place that only the djembe can bring. I often consider the significance of this. Why does this drum have this power? What is so special about the djembe? I know from the sound of the djembe that there must be something deeper behind it. The djembe’s sound is truly a spirit sound. It conjures up feelings of knowledge, power, spirit, God, other realities, ancient times, lightening, thunder and a multitude of other thoughts and feelings that are difficult for me to put into words.

The djembe sound is similar to the Islamic “call to prayer”. The sound is so beautiful, deep and amazing that everyone is drawn to it with the unique feeling that something incredible must be behind it.

Hi Jeremy! I think you've summed up wonderfully what Abdoulaye teaches us. But what I really wanted to comment on is your 'Jeremy icon'....I like it! ;o)

Thanks Leah. I thought the "little Jeremy" icon was a cute touch. It's fun to make yourself into a caricature :)
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