Monday, April 17, 2006

It feels so good to hit the djembe...

It really does. Let's admit it. And the better you get the better it feels. There is nothing better than hitting your djembe when you are really craving it. It is a really exceptional experience and brings an abundance of joy to the heart. When you create a sweet slap or tone on the djembe it actually is pleasing to produce. Inside that pleasure, I believe, is the secret to why we all have been drawn to the djembe.

The Incredible Djembe!

The djembe never ceases to amaze me. Once you embark on the path of the djembefola your life will continually change and grow along with your djembe studies. They are really not separate. As you grow as a person your djembe skills will advance also. The proof of this is when you do not play djembe for a few weeks and yet return to the djembe stronger and better than before. It is the wisdom you have gained during this period of time that is showing in your improved djembe playing. Djembe is more than just a set of rhythmic patterns and excercises.

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