Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Djembe is My Religion

Why not? Everything that I have learned from the Religions of the world I have found within the djembe. Treat people kindly – the djembe taught me this. Respect others as you would yourself – the djembe taught me this. Though shall not kill – the djembe taught me this. Respect your elders and your family – the djembe taught me this. Don’t abuse or poison your body – the djembe taught me this. Be honest with people – the djembe taught me this. If I choose to follow the path of the djembe, I am in a sense choosing to follow a religious/spiritual path. There is no doubt about this.

The djembe draws one to evolve spiritually just as any Religion does. Isn’t it great that the drum we all love and enjoy to play keeps us on the spiritual path by its very nature?

I'm a new student of Abdouli and I feel Jeremy is Blogging some good truths.
After looking for a teacher for several months I came upon Abdouli's class.
I thought I was just showing up for a drum lesson and now I'm on a journey. As a beginner I feel inspired,yet I realize Dejembe playing is a lifelong quest.I also believe Djembe shares many things with religion and other spiritual practices.We are all connected as humans,sharing many different paths, ultimately going to the same place. Djembe is unity.
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